For prism and GPS data, QuikSlope5 is a robust platform, that has a simple user interface and practical software options, to make it a must-have geotechnical tool. QuikSlope has been an industry favourite for over 10 years and now the next generation has arrived.



The main advantages are:

SQL Data Base Format The QuikSlope5 software tool replaces QuikSlope4. All prism measurements are stored on a Microsoft SQL 2005 or 2008 server for maximum performance and security.

  • Centralised SQL 2005 & 2008 data integrity
  • Data source from Leica GeoMoS or Softrock's Autoslope
  • Powerful graphing edit tools do not affect original raw data.
  • Velocity over 24 hours expressed as mm/day
  • Manage prisms by cluster with no restrictions.
  • Many graph types, multiple prisms and scatter plots
  • Overlay birds eye view showing current prism location
  • Graph spikes and steps can be removed without affected the raw data
  • Draw gradient line on graph
  • Automatic management of an active prism list
  • 3D CAD capability
  • Prism locations in 3D CAD
  • Presentation data in CAD shows degrees of movement by size and colour
  • Data filtering at any stage
  • Reports showing latest movements, direction and dip




Graphing edits keep integrity of data. Steps and spikes can be a problem with monitoring data and make it very difficult to see overall data trends. Steps can happen for many reasons like a change in control pillars, or often a prism has been knocked for some reason. You do not want to show this sudden movement because it detracts from perceiving the trend in the prism movement.




QuikSlope5 step removal and spike removal tool will tag these steps and points so that they are not visible, often showing a more pertinent picture. After data is tagged, steps and spikes can be viewed (or not) at will, so that data integrity of the raw data is kept intact. Data can be graphed or reported by RAW or SHAPED formats. The screen shots below show the power of QuikSlope5 when managing monitoring data. Shaped data shows spiked points and steps removed.


Powerful CAD Tools The integrated CAD tool can manage data in full 3D, while the powerful interface allows 3D model manipulation.

The main advantages are:

  • View prism location and cluster locations
  • Add line work and text
  • Show or hide prisms
  • Show or hide prism names
  • Filter data by date
  • Layer control
  • Multiple windows (CAD & graph)
  • Normal CAD navigation tools
  • Presentation options allow for multiple color groups, exploded 3D lines, exploded point cloud, or simple arrows.
  • Draw gradient line on graph + Automatic management of an active prism list
  • Show or hide presentation.

CAD Presentation Tool At last there is a tool for depicting movements in an easy to use software tool. The presentation option can show movement through symbol size, colour range and date filter. Set the movement range, set the colour, and adjust the size where necessary. Movement type can be 3D, 2D, Distance, Velocities.