Shelter 3 x 3 – SHE01.103

Shelter 3 x 3 – SHE01.103
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Aluminium frame & classic corrugated iron cladding. Shipped as a flat pack. Two people can erect in a day. Full parameters for pillar, pad and shed in the manual. Survey pillar and pad need to be constructed before erecting shelter.

Pre Requisites

  • Survey Pillar erected
  • Concrete Pad finished (3M x 3M)

Flat pack consists of 3 parts

  • Flat pack containing corrugated steel sheets for cladding
  • Flat pack containing all aluminium square and round poles
  • Box containing Tek screws and aluminium battery holder

Tools required

  • 2 X Battery powered drills (preferably Riobi 18volt units) with spare batteries and recharger.
  • 2 X 5/16 hex Tek screw driver for drills
  • Hammer, shifter, spanners, etc.


  • Parts list in the back of Shelter manual
  • Photos of finished shelter in back of shelter manual