Leica MS50

Leica MS50

MS50 MultiStation – The new dimension in measuring technology

You only get a moment to make the right decision. So ultimate performance and absolute reliability are critical. This requires not only intuition, but also intelligent technology you can rely on. For the first time, the Leica Nova MS50 combines every significant measuring
technology in one device and opens the doors to a fascinating new dimension of the geospatial world. All functions, including precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity are now brought together in the Leica Nova MultiStation. A revolutionary solution with advanced measuring technology that provides unchallenged accuracy and quality, yet is easy to use for an unprecedented
range of applications. The capabilities of the Leica Nova MultiStation are truly comprehensive and second to none.

mergeTEC - A fusion of innovative technologies

mergeTEC showcases leadership in total station and 3D laser scanning technologies. It combines in a new and unique way the latest technologies in the fields of total station measurements, digital imagery, 3D laser scanning and GNSS positioning. mergeTEC not only
merges the hardware but also the data itself; images are synchronised with scans and scans tied into total station measurements, making it the easiest way of managing complex 3D data.

Integrated scanning of every detail
The Leica Nova MS50 integrates 3D point cloud measurements into a regular survey
workflow. This lets you collect and visualise your topographic survey data together
with detailed high-precision scans. Save time by checking your data for integrity and
relevance and avoid costly reworking or returns to the field. Benefit from better
decisions with richer and more detailed data.
Image assistance for every situation
The Leica Nova MS50 features an overview camera and a telescope camera with 30x
magnification and autofocus. State-of-theart image processing technology delivers
live fluid video streaming of highest image quality. The imaging capabilities of the
Leica Nova MS50 open up new opportunities of operating the MultiStation in an almost
infinite range of applications.
Proven technology for unmatched versatility
The Leica Nova MS50 provides proven total station functionality with superior
sensor integration for highest precision, performance and full automation of
measurement procedures. Together with the benefits of GNSS connectivity, the
Leica Nova MS50 offers complete versatility by delivering reliable results wherever and
whenever you need them.


Comprehensive workflow solutions for every  application enable you to make the right decisions.

An extensive portfolio of software solutions for the Leica Nova MS50 is available to provide you with custom deliverables and help you make informed decisions. Leica Infinity, Leica MultiWorx for AutoCAD, Leica Cyclone and Leica GeoMoS and numerous local software packages can be integrated into your workflow to provide solutions for your specific needs.