Softrock have entered in to partnership with Navstar Geomatics

30 January 2013

Softrock have entered into a partnership with the Canadian company Navstar Geomatics. They design and manafufacture GPS (GNSS) equipment for the harsh mining environment. Their equipment and software has been tested over the past 12 months by Softrock, and we certainly give it the thumbs up.

As we launch this new line of equipment, Softrock is fabricating a GPS trolley (pictured). These can be used anywhere and are designed to be deployed quickly into an area of instability. They are equiped with wheels to help move it from place to place. They are typically used at tip heads on waste dumps that have huge vertical falls.

Softrock can ship these trolleys to anywhere in the world, as they are designed to fold up and ship as a minimal sized package.

Ask our staff about this new stock item and the accuracies expected from our GNSS system.

GPS trolley