Quikslope version 6

1 October 2013

Great news!

Quikslope6 is now well under development.  The three major changes are for

  • Speeding up data access to the SQL server.  As databases grow to very large sizes, datasets (like graphing a prism) take a longer time to populate.  Quikslope5 uses an amended Leica GeoMoS SQL data structure which we find is quite slow.   Quikslope6 will use a streamlined data structure to ensure extremely fast access times.
  • To ensure even faster graphing times, Quikslope6 is changing the graphing tool to the Lightening graphing tool, which is the fastest in the industry.  Step 1 in graphing time is to gather the data from the database.  We are addressing this as explained above.  Step 2 is to populate this data into the graphing tool and then render the graphic.
  • Adding GIS to the tools available.  Producing enhanced graphics on aerial photos is only one of the many advantages here.

The time for Quikslope v6 release is expected to be around May 2014.