Quikslope5 version 5.4 release

18 September 2013

Quikslope version 5.4 is now available for download on our web site.  Go to the downloads page.

Some of the new tools include:

  • Manual data import for Leica GSI and Trimble JXL files.  Adding Trimble JXL files is a great leap forward for our Trimble users.
  • Autosync locking process has speeded up by placing much of the calculations on the server side.  Those with extremely large databases will be pleased that we have addressed this.
  • A great tool in this release is the export and import of data.  Now you can send a whole database – or simply a part of your data to your off-site consultant.  Export files are extremely compact for emailing, and can be easily imported at the other end.  We see this as a great tool for getting data to off-site professionals without needing to give them access to your network.
  • Rain data import is now possible by importing a CSV file of rain history.  So now rain data comes from two sources.  Autosync will also automatically gather rain data from Autoweather and Autoserver, or now use the manual data import facility.
  • XYZ import.  Import coordinates and distance.  We do not recommend using this as an on-going method for prisms, but it is ideal for GPS data and importing historical data.
  • Inverse velocity graphs are now a great tool.  You can change the data range for using the best fit, so enabling the user to play with various scenarios.
  • The CAD tools now have more control.  Symbols and text sizes can now be changed to suite your style.  There are many more options to tweak your presentations.
  • CAD can now show a legend of threshold values, so that you can include when printing.