Mitrais – Our Software Developer

10 November 2010

West Australian company Softrock Solutions has launched the newest version of its Quikslope software which will elevate it to the world’s best solution for slope monitoring in the mining industry. Quikslope5 has been developed by Mitrais, an international IT company based in Bali, in a partnership forged with Softrock Solutions.

Quikslope5 positions Softrock Solutions a long way ahead of other slope monitoring software products says founder and general manager, Bernie Malone.

Quikslope software is installed at more than 70 Softrock customer sites to manually or automatically monitor the movement of slopes typically found in the walls of open cut mines. These walls move at various speeds and amounts, depending on the rock structures and stresses around them. When the speed of movement becomes too high there is a risk of massive earth slips that can result in death or injury to mine personnel, loss of mine equipment, loss of production or loss of access into the pit.

Mr. Malone decided to form the partnership with Mitrais because “we wanted our development to be managed by a professional company rather than an individual.”

“Quikslope5 is insurance against all product knowledge being vested solely in me. The relationship with Mitrais will ensure that ongoing development and support will be totally transparent for our organisation and our clients,” he said.

Until the release of Quikslope5 Mr. Malone was solely responsible for writing and maintaining the software in-house.
He said “although this was a very good way to launch and upgrade the product through my experience as a user and a developer, it had the potential to demand too much of me.”

Over recent years the company trialed software development using contractors, hiring a consultancy and even with its own in house software engineer, without great success.

Mr. Malone envisages a significant expansion in the Quikslope customer base, prompted in part by the very positive reaction Quikslope5 is receiving from Swiss company Leica Geosystems, the manufacturer of surveying equipment.

Softrock has chosen to use a Leica SQL database as its data source with Quikslope5, opening the door to the potentially large market of Leica equipment users worldwide.  In a significant platform upgrade, Quikslope5 is based on VB.NET and SQL2005 technology.