Latest program downloads are available

8 February 2011


Quikslope v 4.705 is now ready for download. Dated 8-Feb-2011.

  • “Velocity” recalculations and expended blunder distance to 5000mm/day instead of 500mm/day.


Autoslope v 6.1 build 802 is now ready for download. Dated 8-Feb-2011.

  • Removed facility to resolve email address names when using Outlook.  Results in less problems when using Outlook.
  • Improved Leica measurement routines.
  • Added single face ability to read prims
  • Better facilities when using the CSV alarm feature.
  • Fixed some bugs in adding new prisms
  • Must use new Autotools and AutoXYZ programs with all new Autoslopes.


Quikcom v4.14 has been upgraded to run on modern fast computers.  It has some new functionality as well.