50% discount for clients wishing to upgrade from Quikslope4 to Quikslope5!

24 November 2011

QuikSlope5 takes over from QuikSlope 4 as the analytical tool for graphical and plan data. It is also capable of interpreting GeoMoS data, providing GeoMoS users with the perfect tool for data analysis which is creating a real buzz in the industry. All prism measurements are stored on a Microsoft SQL 2005 server for maximum performance and security.

Main Features of Quikslope5:

• SQL 2005 data integrity
• Autoslope & GeoMoS compatible
• Able to import raw and calculated survey data collected manually
• Powerful graphing edit tools do not affect original raw data
• Velocity over 24 hours, 12 hours or user defined hours. All expressed as mm/day
• Manage prisms by cluster with no restrictions. Select prisms graphically
• Many graph types, multiple prisms and scatter plots
• Overlay birds eye view showing current prism location
• Graph spikes and steps can be marked as invisible
• Draw gradient line on graph
• Set any point graphically as benchmark
• Automatic management of an active prism list
• Integrated 3D CAD capability
• Prism locations in CAD
• Presentation data in CAD shows degrees of movement
• Data filtering at any stage
• Reports showing latest movements, direction and dip.

We are confident that Quisklope5 will become the new industry standard in Slope monitoring data analysis and management. Existing QuikSlope4 users will find Quikslop5 to be the next logical step in the evolution of the QuikSlope series software. Contact us today for a quote!