Quikslope6 Trial Software
  Quikslope6 now released at       More information »
Quikslope6 Upgrades
As part of your subscription fee you are elegible for all updates to Quikslope6.  These software upgrades include bug fixes and extra features.       The following files are all version dated... More information »
Release notes
Bug fixes and enhancements for Quikslope6 and Autosync6 are listed here.   Release  8-Sept-2017 No Changes/Update Application 1 Change GPS point icons in tree Quikslope 2 Fix Autosync... More information »
SQL Free Backup
SqlBackupFree consists of just one main form (see below). Other forms are auxiliary and usually need to be set just once per computer Main window Connect to SQL Server Backup to FTP Settings E-mail settings Scheduled... More information »
AutoServer Weather Version 1.0
Zip version requires a full install (top download) and just copy over old exe file. Updated 21-Jan-2016 This program is a stand-alone program that will get weather data from a source weather station and broadcast that weather data over a Windows... More information »
MS SQL Express 2008 or 2012
Quikslope6 requires the data to be stored in a SQL server.  Quikslope6 can utilise SQL2005, SQL2008, SQL2012 and SQL2014.  Your site IT people may be able to give access to a full SQL version.  This is the best option because data will be... More information »